Gorenje Simplicity Collection

My life philosophy is simple. I appreciate what suits my habits and my possibilities. I design and arrange my life space in my own way. I choose the collection of appliances that respect my lifestyle. I find it easy to integrate the excellently designed appliances of the Gorenje Simplicity collection in black or white into my home. They join me in living my way. Because they adapt to me, not the other way around. Simplicity!

Beautiful. Simple. Affordable.

Logical choice

In appliances of the Gorenje Simplicity collection, the most frequently used and the most convenient settings are immediately available – via a single knob.


Advanced appliances memorize our personal choices and suggest them next time we use them. All that's left is to press the button to confirm.

Solid design

Pure lines, genuine materials and ergonomics allow integrating the appliances into any home.

Perfect value

As they are well-priced, these appliances offer immediate savings. In addition, advanced technology makes sure you only pay for what you truly need, which leads to extra savings in the long run.

Smells wonderful. The way it's baked – it’s so me!

Built-in oven employs the AdaptTech baking technology to memorize my most frequent settings, and suggests them the next time around, so I don't have to repeat them. With its excellent design, the oven blends harmoniously with other appliances of the Gorenje Simplicity collection in black or white. It's so me!

AdaptTech baking

No need to repeat your own settings

The oven will memorize your temperature setting for each preset program and suggest the most recent or the most frequently used setting the next time you use it.

Preservation program

A reliable way to make your preserves

A special preset program will make sure your preserves keep throughout the season and well after that.

GentleClose oven door closing system

Extra comfort when closing the oven door.

The door will close gently and silently, regardless of the force applied.

Electronic programming timer with touch control

Easy and clear control

The timer allows you to set the cooking time and to select the right temperature. This and the heating system currently in use can be monitored on a clearly laid out screen. Timer surface is completely smooth and easy to clean.

I'm enjoying it. The way it’s cooked – it’s so me!

With the SimpleOff button, I no longer have to worry whether I left the gas on. Gas burners feature an innovative programmable timer that can switch off the burner at a preset time. Along with other appliances of the Gorenje Simplicity collection, they let me cook my way. It's so me!

Gas cooker with SimpleOff program timer

Safe, simple, clear and controlled cooking

Ergonomically designed knob with built-in electronic timer allows setting the cooking time (up to 99 minutes). When the set time expires, the gas burner will be automatically switched off, which will also be indicated by an acoustic signal.


BoilControl is an automatic system that will temporarily adjust the output power of a cooking zone. After initially operating at maximum power, the cooking zone will maintain the temperature at the desired level to prevent the food from boiling over or overcooking.

Simple control with SmartControl

Clarity and control in cooking

Cooking time can be set separately for each cooking zone. When the set time expires, the timer will automatically switch off the cooking zone and notify you with an acoustic signal.

Cast – iron grids

Better stability and durability

The cast iron grids improve the stability and enhance the appearance of the gas cooker. They are made of a material that makes them particularly durable and resistant even to the highest temperatures.

SuperPower induction hob

Fast and efficient cooking and simple cleaning

Induction hobs operate remarkably fast and efficiently to prepare excellent and wholesome food. SuperBoost function for rapid and powerful operation allows even faster and more efficient cooking which leads to savings of both time and power.

It's fresh. The way it's cooled – it’s so me!

The first self-learning refrigerator employs the AdaptTech cooling intelligent system to figure out when I tend to open it more frequently, and it adjusts its settings accordingly. The food keeps longer, and I enjoy my black or white appliances of the Gorenje Simplicity collection even more. It's so me!

AdaptTech cooling

Keeping the food fresh 20% longer

Adaptive intelligent system monitors, analyzes, and records the use of the refrigerator in weekly intervals. Then, its operation, especially maintaining of the set temperature and the resulting power consumption are adjusted to the identified pattern. When the door is opened, the temperature of the food will not rise as it does in conventional refrigerators; this will hinder the development of bacteria.


Keeping the food fresh and tasty up to 10 days longer

Ions generated in the refrigerator eliminate up to 95% of bacteria, viruses, gases, and odours to make sure the air in your refrigerator is always fresh.

NoFrost Plus

No frost, ice, or manual defrosting

Modern NoFrost technology uses intensive circulation of cool air to eliminate moisture from the freezer and refrigerator. This prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice in the appliance interior.

MultiFlow 360°

Long lasting freshness and lower power consumption

The intensive MultiFlow 360° air circulation generated by intensive multi-point blowing of cool air through ventilation slots located in the column on the back wall of the refrigerator provides constant and even temperature in the entire refrigerator compartment.

The air is fresh. The way it works – it’s so me!

Forget about switching the hood on and off! AdaptTech venting automatically perceives when the air is no longer clean and adjusts the power accordingly. Halogen lighting makes my cooking easier while steel and glass adorn my kitchen as the perfect match to either white or black appliances of the Gorenje Simplicity Collection. It's so me!

Functional design

In addition to performance, hoods boast genuine materials such as stainless steel in combination with glass. Appealing design is an increasingly important aspect; however, hoods can also provide highly convenient lighting of the cooktop during operation.

Halogen lighting

Excellent cooking hob lighting

Extra source of light for optimum cooking hob lighting. Halogen lighting is both more powerful and more economical than lighting with incandescent lamps.

Easy-to-clean filters

Easier maintenance and longer life cycle

Metal filters in hoods, which are designed to remove fat particles, can be easily removed and cleaned. You can wash them by hand or in a dishwasher using a ‘gentle wash’ programme.